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Poppy Flower

FREE Acne Program Information Call, 15 Mins: 

A phone overview of our acne program.

Acne Check-In Call, 15 mins, $35: Available via phone call only, no in-office appointments. For existing Acne Program Clients Only. This appointment is to update your regimen, make appropriate product changes and troubleshoot any skin issues.

Acne Peel, 30 mins, $80:

A combination of TCA, mandelic, lactic, azelaic and kojic acids exfoliate acne-prone or hyperpigmented skin without excessive irritation or dehydration.

Product Order, 15 mins:

Schedule a product order appointment if you need to replace product or update your regimen. PLEASE NOTE: invoices are due upon receipt, prior to pick up.

Nano Needling, 45mins $90:
A non-invasive treatment to rejuvenate the skin barrier. The depth of the needles only puncture the first layer of the epidermis. To treat common skin issues such as scarring, and uneven texture, pigmentation, etc. The best part.... It's painless! 

Acne Program Consultation,  60 mins, $100:

A security deposit required for this service (see cancellation policy) A Comprehensive review of the internal and external factors that trigger acne, recommendations for lifestyle changes, thorough skin analysis and selection of topical skin care customized for each client's specific type of acne.

Lactic Peel, 30 mins, $80:

This 20% Lactic peel combines l-lactic acid with a powerful mix of specialty ingredients to address hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and fine lines. This peel is used to gently exfoliate acne-prone, hyperpigmented, and aging skin without excessive irritation or dehydration. Is safe for all skin types, acne types, including acne rosacea and is also safe during pregnancy or nursing (always seek permission from your doctor before using).

Acne Facial, 45mins, $85:

A pore-cleansing treatment using all acne-safe products including a non-acid, natural, biological peeling mask to remove dead cells and keratin accumulations as well as soften and loosen blackheads and sebaceous cysts for extractions. While under LED light. Followed by steam. Then will proceed with a high frequency treatment+ facial ice globes to improve circulation, and healing process. Then will end with products best suited for your skin. 

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