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About Me&DHS

My name is Megan Hergert, and I am the new owner of Denver Healthy Skin! We are here to help you with all your skincare needs+ more! Being someone that has struggled with acne, and has been through the Face Reality program makes me twice as excited to assist others! I plan to help you reach your skin goals as I did through the program. I trained under Cathy Castor the previous owner of Denver Healthy Skin whom was highly recognized, and acknowledged for her expertise. Even won an award through Face Reality. At Denver Healthy Skin & Acne Clinic, we want to hear your story.  We look forward to working with you and helping you take control of your skin!


In my free time I love hanging out with my lab Arlo, and enjoying the Rocky Mountains on weekends. 

About  The Acne Clinic

 At Denver Healthy Skin & Acne Clinic, we educate you on what causes acne so you understand what it takes to heal the body, inside and out.  Our approach focuses on the importance of using non-pore clogging topical skin care AND on determining what is going on internally that can trigger acne.  It is a team effort whereby we will coach you on what you can do to get clear while you do the work at home to make lifestyle changes that will ultimately get and keep you clear! We want to hear your story. And look forward to working with you take control of your skin!

To learn more about the 3 to 4 month program at our Lakewood, Colorado clinic, schedule a FREE,  Acne Program Information Appointment for an overview of the process.  If what you learn about the program resonates with you, we will then book a 1 hour consultation where we will strive to discover what is specifically triggering your acne and design the best approach to getting you clear.



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