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Some Things Are Essential

As anyone who has had a facial from Denver Healthy Skin knows, we utilize essential oils during our treatments: Geranimum in our hot towels for anti-aging; Palo Santo at the beginning of the service for relaxation; Peppermint to revive us at the end of the facial, etc. Because we believe in the healing properties of essential oils, we recently added an opportunity for you to use them on the go: we are carrying a charming collection of diffuser bracelets with mini bottles of essential oils that you can purchase as a gift or as a

special treat for yourself! The bracelets are hand-made in Colorado and the essential oils are the highest quality available in retail. You simply apply a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on the diffuser beads of the bracelet, take a deep breath and repeat as needed ;). The aroma will last several days until you reapply. The package is $32.50 for the diffuser bracelet and mini-oil of your choice and includes a cute gift bag. You can also purchase the bracelets ($20) and oils ($12.50) individually. Full size bottles of oils (5ml to 15ml) are available to order by request. Feel free to pop in to pick up one (or two!) or check them out at your next appointment.

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