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Skin Care Products 101

Updated: May 2, 2018

There is SO much information online about skin care products – it’s overwhelming! It takes time to determine what ingredients are best for your skin; then, once you have your products, you have to know how to use them or they end up in the “why did I buy this and I’m never going to use it again” drawer, where all products go to die. The shelf life on quality skin care is generally less than a year and you should not be using them on your face after that time. Today, let’s talk about how to be sure #1 that you are purchasing the right products and #2 how to use those products once you own them.

The best advice I can give you is to keep it simple, for both your day and night routine and then you are more likely to actually DO IT! If you have the right products, you can manage your regimen in 3 to 4 steps: cleanse, serum, moisturizer and for day, SPF.

Step 1: My skin is very dry and truth be told, I rarely use a cleanser in the AM. Now, that being said, I also NEVER go to bed with my makeup on so a quick splash of water and I’m ready for step 2. However, if you have normal or oily/acne prone skin, you need to wash your face in the AM and again in the PM to remove a day’s worth of oils, pollution and of course, your makeup and SPF. There is no point in applying skin care to a dirty face!

DHS recommendations: For mature or oily/acne prone skin, Face Reality Mandelic Wash or for mature or normal skin, Vital Therapy Apple Delight Cleanser or Vital Therapy Ultra Gentle Cleanser.

Stay tuned for more skincare steps!

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